February Book Discussion

Copies of this month’s book are available at either library and participants are encouraged to read the book and post their comments anytime during the month. Discussion questions are given at the end of this post to prompt the discussion. These discussions are open to the public and all participants are welcome. The comments will be monitored before they are posted. Contact Marty Hubbard with any questions: mhubbard@ledyard.lioninc.org

February’s title is Someone by Alice McDermott. book cover of Someone by Alice McDermott

“In this deceptively simple tour de force, McDermott lays bare the keenly observed life of Marie Commeford, an ordinary woman whose compromised eyesight makes her both figuratively and literally unable to see the world for what it is. We follow Marie through the milestones of her life, shadowed by her elder brother, Gabe, who mysteriously leaves the priesthood for which everyone thought he was destined. The story of Marie’s life unfolds in a nonlinear fashion: McDermott describes the loss of Marie’s father, her first experience with intimacy, her first job (in a funeral parlor of all places), her marriage, the birth of a child.” (Publisher’s Weekly.)

Discussion Questions:

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5 thoughts on “February Book Discussion

  1. Laurie

    Sorry so late finely finished “someone” yes I did enjoy it although a lot of reading between the lines. As when the Dr. said no more babies and then she is talking about all four of them. Things like that. Nice read, will read more of Alice McDermott


  2. Marty Hubbard

    I’m passing on a comment that was left on my desk yesterday while I was away!

    Martha R. “loved this book!”

  3. Kim

    I just returned the CD version of ‘Someone’ to the library last night with great reluctance. I was hoping for several more chapters of the life of Marie, but found the ending was perfect. I loved this book. I loved all the characters and their development. I like that the book was not written in a linear way and glimpses of the future gave way to the present. I am off to find more of Alice McDermott’s writing! Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Marty Hubbard

    Thanks for your comment Mary Ellen! I too , loved this book. If fact, I wanted more! How many times have you heard a woman (in particular) say they’re really not anyone special, and haven’t done anything “really”, or that they’re from “nowhere.” I think Alice McDermott does a great job of pointing out that little things in everyday life add up to a great deal of something!

  5. Mary Ellen Osborne

    Alice McDermott is one of my favorite authors. I discovered her when her book, Charming Billy, won the National Book Award in the late ’90′s. I went back and read earlier works and pretty much everything she has written since. Of course, she only publishes about every three years, so that isn’t stressful. Someone, was another delight. It wasn’t difficult at all to follow the story despite the style it was written in. It was a touching and meaningful explanation of a seemingly simple life that wasn’t that simple at all.


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