April Book Discussion: “The Rosie Project” by Graeme C. Simsion

Copies of this month’s book are available at either library and participants are encouraged to read the book and post their comments anytime during the month. Discussion questions are given at the end of this post to prompt the discussion. These discussions are open to the public and all participants are welcome. The comments will be monitored before they are posted. Contact Marty Hubbard with any questions: mhubbard@ledyard.lioninc.org

April’s title is The Rosie Project by Graeme C. Simsion:

cover of "The Rosie Project" by Graeme C. SimsionFull of heart and humor, Simsion’s debut novel about a fussy, socially-challenged man’s search for the perfect wife is smart, breezy, quirky, and fun.

Sure, it’s the precise equivalent of a well-crafted romantic comedy. (In fact, the book was clearly written with the big-screen in mind, and the film rights have already been sold). But you’d have to be a pretty cynical reader not to fall for Don Tillman, a handsome genetics professor who has crafted a pathologically micromanaged life for himself but can’t seem to score a second date.

After launching his Wife Project, which includes a hilarious questionnaire intended to weed out imperfect candidates–smokers, makeup wearers, vegans (“incredibly annoying”)–Don meets Rosie, a stunning, maddeningly disorganized bartender/student who’s looking for her biological father. The reader knows just where the story is headed: Rosie’s so wrong for Don, she’s perfect. That’s not giving anything away. Half the fun of the book is watching pent-up, Asperger’s-afflicted Don break free, thanks to Rosie, from his precisely controlled, annoyingly sensible, and largely humorless lifestyle. By the final third, you’re cheering for Don to shatter all his rules. And you’re casting the film. (Amazon.)

6 thoughts on “April Book Discussion: “The Rosie Project” by Graeme C. Simsion

  1. Sheila Jordan

    I am enjoying the author’s writing style very much. He paints a quirky but attractive character in Don Tillman.
    The result of the Wife Test has determined that I am not a strong match for Don. That’s alright by me! He is interesting but definitely not my type.
    I look forward to completing this story. this is a fun story. I hope the ending does not let me down!

  2. Barbara Savage w/assitance from Marty Hubbard

    I very much liked this book! Part way through I wondered if Don Tillman’s experiences of finding love for the first time and other “first experiences of interpersonal events” might give some readers false hopes if they too are dealing with partners with Asperger’s. While I’m not familiar with Asperger’s, I recognize some of it’s elements in my own family members.

  3. Laurie Hedman

    So I missed the March book discussion but began “The Roise Project” and so enjoying it, had to share the vegan vs vegetarian scenario with Mike.
    I know there is something quirky with our main character but he isn’t totally unlikeable.
    Looking forward to reading tonight’s saga.

  4. Marty Hubbard

    So… Don Tillman (the main character in “The Rosie Project”) noticed
    and re-tweeted Mary Ellen Osborne’s tweet about our April Online Book
    Discussion title! The character in the book has an online match
    questionnaire and I came up with a resounding 56% match.
    Sheila came up with a 34%. Want to try it? It’s a hoot!


    1. Mary Ellen Osborne

      I thought I was a good match for Don until I took the wife test. Only scored 58%, and I was willing to be on time and not smoke or drink! The Rosie Project is a delightful read. The insight into the way Don’s mind worked was fascinating.


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