The American Presidents Book Discussion: Richard Nixon, Postponed to Tuesday, 2/19 at Bill Library (change of location)

7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, February 12,   Postponed to February 19 – Bill Library
due to inclement weather

Book discussion will normally be held at the Gales Ferry Library

Two book choices are being offered:
The Presidency of Richard Nixon by Melvin Small
Richard M. Nixon: The American Presidents by Elizabeth Drew

Two Book choices for the February American Presidents Series Book Discussion are available. Discussions are open to those who are simply curious about the monthly topic. Reading the monthly book in its entirety is not a prerequisite for attending. We welcome all to attend.

The Ledyard Library is starting a new book discussion group that will focus on the White House years of former American Presidents. Assistant Librarian, Lisa Murno, and President of the Friends, Harry Pearson, will facilitate a discussion of the triumphs and trials American presidents faced, and how lessons learned could be applied to our modern era.
Books for the next month will be distributed at the end of the previous month’s session. Contact Lisa Murno for further details and your copy of the book. This program is a collaborative effort of the Ledyard Library and the Friends of the Ledyard Libraries Please join us!