American Presidents Book Discussion

The American Presidents Book Club meets on the second Tuesday of the month at the Gales Ferry Library at 7 PM. Each month, a different president from America’s history is selected to be the topic of discussion. Assistant Librarian, Lisa Murno and President of the Friends, Harry Pearson, will facilitate a discussion of the triumphs and trials the president faced, and how lessons learned can be applied to our modern era.

Please note: Completion of the book selection is not a prerequisite for attending, only a recommendation. The discussion is open to those who are simply curious about the monthly topic. This is program is a collaborative effort of the Ledyard Libraries and the Friends of the Ledyard Libraries.

Upcoming Presidents:

March 10: Woodrow Wilson. When the Cheering Stopped by Gene Smith.

April 14: George Washington

May 12: John Adams

June 9: Thomas Jefferson