Artists & Writers Showcase and Edible Books Exhibit

Come enjoy the works of local artists and writers at our annual showcase of talent, featuring Edible Books and the Exquisite Project. The display runs for a month, coinciding with the beginning of April at the Bill Library. We open the exhibit with a Saturday afternoon reception, where you may talk with your talented neighbors about their work while viewing their pieces. The delightful and delicious Edible Books entries are also on display that day, and are served to attendees after they are admired by the crowd.

Experience our exhibit-within-an-exhibit, “The Exquisite Project”, an experiment in art and words featuring works from groups of six artists and writers in a unique display. The first person in each series creates a work (visual art or written) based on a prompt, and then passes it on to the second person. The second person then creates a work using for inspiration the previous person’s piece. Then, their work is passed on to the next person, and so on.  The catch is that each artisan only gets to see the work of the person immediately before them in the series, until the project is assembled at the opening reception. Each series’ works are displayed consecutively, so the viewer can see the “story” as it unfolds in words and visual art. It could be termed an artistic game of ‘telephone’!

In conjunction with our Showcase, we participate in the International Edible Book Festival. This is an event that invites you to use your creativity to fashion an edible entry that refers to a book in some way. It can be a pun on a title, about a character, or be an actual book made to eat! Go to the official website: to get more information about the international festival and some inspirational ideas. Entries may be submitted by anyone: families, individuals, businesses, civic organizations, non-profit organizations, etc.

Submission guidelines: Due to space constraints, entries are limited to three per visual artist, (with no limit for writers,) and must be submitted by the Wednesday before the opening reception to the Bill Library. Entrants must be high school seniors or older to submit entries.

Here is this year’s submission form: A & W Entry Form 2017. It is also available at both libraries.

Writers and artists are welcome to sell their creations on the day of the reception, and to bring business cards and brochures to leave in the library during the exhibit so that the public can contact them. Please indicate if you need table space for the day of the reception on the entry form, but space is limited.

Please contact Andrea Buka at or at (860) 464-9912 if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creativity our area has to offer!