Artists & Writers Showcase and Edible Books Exhibit

1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m.
April 7, 2018
Bill Library

Please join us for the opening of the special exhibit “The Exquisite Project”. Refreshments will be served and you will have the opportunity to meet the artists and writers who created the works in the exhibit.

The Project is a series consisting of six alternating written and visual art pieces. The first person in the series created a work (visual or written) based on a prompt, and then passed it on to the second person. The second person then created a work inspired by the previous one in some way. Their piece was then passed on to the third person, and so on, to the end of the series. The catch is that each of the participants only got to see the work of the person immediately before them in the series until the entire project is revealed at the exhibit’s opening reception.

On a sorrowful note, due to the budget cuts, it is with great reluctance that I must cancel the larger Artists & Writers exhibit for 2018. The incredible talent of the community’s artists and writers has made the Showcase an exciting event that many have looked forward to exhibiting their work in or attending for 12 years. If the staffing situation changes, I look forward to reviving this wonderful celebration of the region’s artists and writers in the future, when circumstances change.

With a heavy heart,
Andrea Buka,
Artists & Writers Showcase Coordinator

Please contact Andrea Buka at or at (860) 464-9912 if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creativity our area has to offer!