Code Club

Code club is open to children ages 8 to 18. Using software from Prenda, children have the option to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and Python. Children can join our code club at any time by going to and selecting Ledyard Library when creating their account.

Click here for a printable copy of the code club log book—participants in our code club who keep track of their logging until December 31st can bring in their log book in January to receive a free book and/or other prize.

New for our code club members! You may now check out Sphero and Ozobot robots. Currently the robots are housed on Stacey’s desks at both the Bill and Gales Ferry Library. Just take one up to the circulation desk to check it out!

The Spheros, Beep and Bop, work with an app called Sphero Edu that will need to be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet. The picture below shows a Sphero and a sample program on an iPhone.

Picture from

The Ozobots, Evo and Bit, work either with a device such a computer or tablet, or you can program them just by drawing colored codes with markers and seeing how the Ozobot senses and obeys your code!