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Maker Meet-ups

        Maker Meet-ups are hands-on classes and ‘how-to’ talks on technology, arts, crafts, engineering, electronics, handyperson skills, and more! They are a chance for people of all ages to learn to make things and to share their own experiences and talents with the community. Makers use computers, power & hand tools, sewing machines, paints and pastels, engines and motors, sculpture tools and ceramics, create food & beverages, and the like. The sky is the limit! Whether you are an artist, tinkerer, craftsman, electronics enthusiast, fiber artist, brewer, motor head, or are just curious, join your creative like-minded neighbors and have a great time learning new things.

Meet-up activities are open to adults, teens (grades 7 – 12), and older children (grades 4 – 6 welcome with personal adult assistant).   Some Meet-ups may be appropriate for younger children to observe or participate in with a caregiver. Please check with Maker Program Coordinator before registering or bringing children in third grade or younger. (The Youth Services Librarian plans Maker programs specifically for younger children during the Summer Reading Program and school vacations. See the Events page for these activities).

Register here for Maker Meet-ups or click on the ‘Events’ tab and find the Meet-up you are interested in attending. If you do not have an email address, you may fill in the Maker Program coordinator’s address or that of a friend or family member who wouldn’t mind receiving an email related to that particular Meet-up if one is necessary. Those who choose not to go online may register by calling either library, and the staff will complete your registration for you. Registration helps in planning for supplies or refreshments, and is required for limited-seating classes.

Visit our Maker Day page for information and to register for our new annual event.

Share your projects and skills:
Makers of all ages are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences, either informally at designated Meet-ups, or by presenting ‘how-to’ talks or classes. The library is able to supply project materials in many cases, and the Maker Coordinator will assist you in the planning and implementation of a presentation or class.

If you have any questions or would like to share your skills, please don’t hesitate to contact the Maker Program Coordinator

Andrea Buka             860-464-9912